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  • Features S Note and with a sizable writing or sketching area. great!
  • Display display is sharp, responsive and expansive great!
  • Battery life I would like to see it last a full day with extensive use and bluetooth and wifi running. good
  • Ease of use System is so user friendly and definable to fit your likes. great!
  • Storage capacity Would like to see more storage for both device and SD. good
  • Design and form factor Excellent and intuitive. So many well thought out features. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Holding or carrying a 12" as opposed to a 10" tablet difficult?? Really? Compared to my 12" Thinkpad with its power brick and I get the same display size. great!
  • Durability I have had Samsung products in the past and none have failed me. I only replaced due to the newer features/technology. great!
Detailed review
I find this tablet to be more useful than my Ipad 3. Not only with the display size, with its larger easy to use keyboard, (though not as good as a bluetooth keyboard) it is much easier to use than a keyboard on a 10" tablet. The S Note feature almost by itself makes it more productive. I expect Apple's next product will have a such a feature. I now use my Ipad as an E reader and Ipod. The fact that this can use a mouse alone is a plus over the Ipad. And to use a mouse and keyboard with a 12" screen really cuts into the productivity of my 12" Thinkpad X201 Tablet. And the portability is far better, even when adding the snap on Zagg keyboard cover. I hated to see how Engadget compared the Samsung 12.2 price to other tablets. You listed the price of the 12.2 with 64g, wifi, and LTE you say 929.00 To Ipad Mini or Ipad Air with 16g wifi only and did not identify the difference, leaving the consumer there is a 400.00 difference between this and a like feature device. Not fair to consumers when comparing apples to oranges!