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  • Features I use this for both business and fun. This thing is feature packed when it comes to business stuff. I've owned it for a week and it is useful ALL day. great!
  • Display This thing is clear and sharp. Side by side to the Air I would take this because of the size alone. great!
  • Battery life The battery life is pretty good. I can get two full days out of it with lots of use. I have found it is a little better than my wife's iPad Air. good
  • Ease of use If you know Android it is pretty easy. good
  • Storage capacity Expandable storage is awesome! great!
  • Design and form factor LOVE THE SIZE. Not for everyone, but it is for me. Writing on it is quite nice because of the design. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Pretty good considering it is a 12 inch screen. good
  • Durability So far no issues. I got the case as well. The build feels nice and sturdy. great!
Detailed review
I had the Note 10.1 2014 Edition for a few months and I loved it. My only beef with it was that I didn't enjoy the size. I would have preferred a tablet a little bigger or a little smaller. When CES came and I heard about the new line of tablets I was looking forward to playing with this and seeing how tough it was to lug the thing around. After seeing it in person I decided to buy it. The nice thing about it is media viewing, spreadsheets, powerpoints, internet browsing, typing, and video chatting is all much better because of the size of the tablet. The other advantage is there is not lag with this tablet. The thing the snappiest tablet I have seen yet.