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by Met

How to access a phone connected to a computer over the network?
As of Jelly Bean, Android devices connected to computer appear as a device rather than just a drive being connected to the computer. As a result, it's not a simple F:/ or something similar to access it. If it doesn't have a drive letter, you can't use the simple \\computer-name\drive-letter$ to access it over the network. Do you guys know any other way to access the phone over the network?

by sK0pe

HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nexus 4
I can buy any phone without a contract, I nearly bough the HTC One X or the S3 but waited for a vanilla Android because the updates are slow on HTC and I don't like the Samsung interface. I don't need LTE as the service isn't available yet in my area. Is this phone really that bad that I should choose out of my original 2 choices?

by ShawnPConroy

TouchWiz / Nature UX differences to stock Android
I have a Galaxy Nexus phone with stock Android (almost, on Telus) just upgraded to Jelly Bean. The interface is smooth and really good. What exactly does TouchWiz do that changes things, and are they all for the better?
It looks to me like most previous versions of TouchWiz are already incorporated. I suggest The Galaxy S line is really good phones just as the Galaxy Nexus. But what changes in interface happen with Nature UX?
This list is out of date, and most of it is available with Jelly Bean:... Read more →

by punkzter

Playing videos on my PC from the GS3
I transfered a video that I shot on my GS3. But, I can't get it to play on my computer. I'm using VLC, and the video starts, but freezes on a frame while the sound continues in the background. On Media Player Classic, it plays, but in slow motion. What programs/codes should I use? Has anyone else experienced this issue?

by dennisfxm

Using a German prepaid SIM card with a Verizon phone
I'll be in Germany for a week or so at the end of September. I was wondering what my options were for pre paid mobile service, including data. The devices I have that take a sim card are a Galaxy S III and Blackberry Storm (both Verizon). Even they use different size cards...

I was wondering if anyone can help me out figure out what I should look for when I buy a prepaid SIM card & if anyone can confirm if (one of) these devices will work overseas.

by manojsundar

Hey i have an iPad. I am planning to buy a good smart phone. iPhone and Samsung s3 interest me. If i buy an iPhone, will it make my iPad useless?
I just wanted to know what is the benefits of having both ipad and iphone, like the icloud. I want to know more about such pluses. Or does it make sense to buy the best android device (say, Samsung S3) and have best of both the apple and android world? ;)

by trantjd

When will the S III get Jellybean?
I'm currently trying to decide between getting the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Nexus and the only real thing (aside from the missing black color option) keeping me from going S III all the way is the lack of an imminent Android 4.1 update. Has there been an announcement or speculation about how soon Samsung will update their latest flagship?