by JonKempAto

What is going on with Sprint Galaxy S5 no LTE
Dear Engadget....The Galaxy S5 was released to great fanfare but there is a problem brewing with Sprint Customers. Because of the Tri-Band antenna and lack of support for this new Spark network, those of use that had a Galaxy s3 with fantastic LTE coverage are no longer getting any LTE coverage on the Galaxy S5. Can you look into the matter to see what is going on? Here is a discussion so far with a list of cities that are having this issue.

by AkitasNKayaks

Has the availability of the Sprint version Galaxy S5 32GB been verified/announced?
Under the SPECS for the Galaxy S5 here on engadget, there is a 32GB version listed under Sprint (as well as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and unlocked 32GB versions). However, the Sprint website (nor anywhere else on the web that I've found) has yet to announce the 32GB version. Is this wishful thinking or do you have facts to back that up?

Hoping you've got inside info!