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  • Reception and call quality The call quality is really good, better than on my previous phone. But somehow if i recieve a call it automatically turns on the loudspeaker its really anoying good
  • Display The Display is Great, one of the best ive seen it has bright colors. But as soon as the sun hits it you cant see shit. good brigthness adjustment. good
  • Battery life The battery life is Great it easily lasts a work day and with its Powersaving mode it lasts even longer, for extreme situation there is the Ultrapowersavingmode great!
  • Camera It has a really good camera but i would like to see more features on it, the important things are there. the focus is not as good as advertised. good
  • Ease of use easy to use, was my first samsung phone. good
  • Design and form factor i dont like the design, i think its an ugly phone and it looks just like gs4/gs3 etc so-so
  • Portability (size / weight) Love the weight on this thing! compared to other big phones (padfone One M8) the plastic allows it to be light. great!
  • Media support No comments good
  • Durability Its water and dust proov, i was able to use it while taking a shower, so yes it works. but i dont know hom many times you could drop it.. great!
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) it has many accessories like the smartwatches etc. S healt is a good app. Fingerprint sensor; its great it works 90% of the time +more secure than apple great!
Detailed review
This is the first time i bought a samsung phone.
I am happy with the buildquality, it does not feel cheap like previous versions did and the back of the phone is comfortable to hold.
It has many good preinstalled apps but allso many useless ones.. for example you have the google music player and the samsung music player google photos and samsung photos, WHY?!
The fingerprint sensor works really good you can register 3 diffrent fingerst and it works most of the time. you have to swipe the finger, i personally like this more than the one on the iphone, its more secure too.
the display is grat the camera is great and has nice features but is allso missing some.
with the bult in picture editor you cant really do anything.. had way better ones on previous phones
Its watherproof, i tested it.

The speakers are loud - but not all that good.. they have a nice feature thoug; when turned on the phone's vibration acts as a subwoofer wich improves the experience of it.(not the sound)

It has many usefull stuff on there but just the same amount of useless stuff.