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  • Ease of use No comments awful!
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  • Portability (size / weight) No comments awful!
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  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) No comments awful!
Detailed review
I would never again buy/use/own/pay for a Samsung device, horrid.... just horrid...... can't find anything, can't use it, it's all over the shop.....

I switched to a windows phone, what a pleasure...... It's all there on the front screen, everything I need... in clear view.

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Learn how to use a smart phone before you write a review, Thank you. Smart phone, dumb people.

Dear AsianUnion, I have been using a smart phone before they were even popular, I have even had a Blackberry and iPhone previously, I seriously stand by my comments, and will not be swayed, this experience was by far the worst I have ever had with a so called smart phone, the software was so low level, I might as well have a unix command prompt it would be more powerful, than some flimsy thing stung together to call it self a phone, it is such old technology now, the same design as windows 3.11, and blackberry, NO PROGRESS.

Windows Phone is LEAPS and BOUNDS ahead of this redundant smartphone experience, so far ahead I just can't go backwards, like you would not go back to windows 3.11 now, EVER it is sad however that some people still live in the past, and consider what is now ancient, as current.

Samsung/iPhone/Blackberry phone's are a WASTE of REDUNDANT time. They all belongs in a museum, as an interesting piece of cloned technology that once existed...... but has been surpassed, even as they bring out new and SAME OLD versions of the same old thing.

Don't post such comments unless you have actually used all of these, as I have, and can NEVER go back to such ancient ware.


I had used
iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S
HTC Desire, M7, 8X
LG Optimus 2X, 3D, G, Nexus 5
Samsung Galaxy S, S II, Nexus, S III (Internation Version), S IV, S V(Current Phone)
Nokia N85(Symbian OS)
Sony Xperia Mini, Z
And probably more but i can't remember.
And personally I also do jail-break, and root.
So I also had use smartphone before they become more common than normal feature phones. And I also stand by my comment, I'm not just saying this because i use a Samsung. I'm not a Samsung fan, I'm actually more towards the Apple side, but i like to try new stuff. Anyways, back to the topic, I think before you write a review, should actually think about the phone then mark it. I'm using the S5 right now, i do admit it's kind of big for my hand, but I think it's still acceptable because i can still put it in my pocket. The screen is clear, I would say it's not as nice as IPS, but it is still pretty good. Speed-wise, i haven't experience any lag or whatever so far. Battery-wise, it is good for a smartphone, but not the best. There is also more thing about this device I want to mention, but I don't want to make this any longer. I had use a Windows phone before, it is smooth, but the app support is F**KING SH*T and no freedom. Go out there and see how many people are using Windows phone. The fact will speak for me.

The reason I make these comments is because I don't want ignorant to ruin this phone's review. The Samsung S5 is a pretty good phone, but it's not the best phone I had used so far, and I still dislike the Samsung Touch-Wiz Inter-face.

This phone is too SMART for you, WP8 suits you more.

Sorry for my bad english.

I have the s5 sitting next to me right now, its my wife's phone, and I have the windows phone next to me too, APP support is fantastic, I don't get viruses, issues, constant reboots I get on the S5 on my windows phone.

I reviewed it first hand, it was and still is a horrible, ancient experience, I don't use the iPhone, or Droid phones anymore, yeah the marketing is really flash, and people are easily brain washed into thinking these phones are the best....

The same rubbish that when Windows phone came out, there were not many apps, no surprise, but look how many recently. Look at the quality and level of functionality, and the ease with which it is to hook into the services that some of the applications expose in the back end, to make the UI hook into the Droid or iPhone versions back end, simple and piece of cake on windows platform.

As a developer of APPS for the phones/platform, there are 90% more windows developers than any other platform, once they hook up their phone to the SAME developer experience, and discover I don't need some special java VM that crashes 90% of the time, and I don''t need to die and run an APPLE OS just to use the developer software, its the same rich and powerful experience as I get with all of my other development experience.... plus my app comes up on the phone and the windows 8 app store, one application two platforms, more audience, one development effort.

There is no way on earth you'd go back to these. The interface is ancient, I compare it to blackberry it has not moved on, same standard list of icons on the many many pages.... get a life.... the userbility of the phone compared to the whats in the market, is lacking significantly, the constant crashing of the phone, the rubbish apps, what you consider a cool app is crap, its about standard levels, on windows we expect a high standard, on droid, you get well below par. I'd never release an app with bugs, that crashes or is incomplete in functionality. It seems to be the sad norm with these platforms.... they might have lots of apps, but how many actually do what they say they do....?

I can't use it, its just ancient, and that's what my review details, ancient and rubbish, hands down. They should stop selling them.


I do admit android is some what glitchy, sometimes. I had use so many androids phone before, never had "virus" in my phone. Like I said, WP8 is not a bad OS, but android and iOS is just better. Those problems you had with the S5, could most likely due to your person usage with the phone(the apps you installed, and most importantly whatever you were doing with your phone), I rarely get any random reboots, crashes or what ever the heck you are experiencing before. If it is really doing that I do recommend you to get a exchange for a new device, because it could be a defective phone.
One question, if you think that phone is a piece of crap why did you give it to your wife? or why is your wife using a piece of crap? Get her a WP.

If android and iOS is such a crappy system, I wonder why they are so successful.

I mean Windows Phone(previously Windows Mobile) had been there much longer than androids or iOS, but they had never become the most popular system. You cannot deny the fact. Sorry about my rude comments earlier, but I'm just telling the truth.

People have bias, I also do, but I'm not to the extent calling a good phone a piece of SH*T.