by PhilipPalermo

What's the best (cheap) tablet for seniors?
Not everyone in my extended family needs Quad HD displays, nor do they care much about SunSpider scores. For some of the older members in my group, I've been looking around for tablets that are A. not terribly expensive, and B. easy on the eyes, especially when it comes to support for large... Read more →

by Will5204

Xperia z 2 tablet or Samsung Galaxy Note (2014) or Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro?
Hi everyone, I am in the market for a new tablet. I currently have the Asus Tf700, though it is still a contender amoung what's out now, I still have find myself getting tired of the lag and am ready for a change. Now for the topic at hand, which would you choose?

by fvacher

Samsung Galaxy Tablets
I'm in the market for a 10" tablet and was looking into the Galaxy tablets. Can someone tell me what the difference is between the Galaxy Tab Pro and the Galaxy Note Pro? Why would someone use one over the other? I tried contacting Samsung on this and they never answered my question.