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First Looks

product preview
Engadget Jan 6, 2014

It's just big. It's not thick or unattractive, just big. However, it's only this Galaxy Tab Pro that comes with the same $700 bounty of built-in software and services found on the Galaxy Note Pro.

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product preview
Wired UK Jan 6, 2014

Lots of other business-focused tools come out of the box, such as extra security, a few hundred quid's worth of free applications either preloaded or free to download, a Remote PC function to access your home or work computer from afar, plus an e-Meeting app to name a few.

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product preview
Pocket-Lint Jan 9, 2014

The design of the Galaxy Tab Pro range is smart. It looks well built and feels it in the hand, with a faux leather back like the Galaxy Note 3 giving it a business-like feel ... It is the closest we've come from Samsung and Android to being a laptop replacement without some sort of hybrid...

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product preview
TechRadar Jan 9, 2014

The Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 ends up being a business-appropriate tablet that happens to have a consumer-friendly new TouchWiz interface called Magazine UX. It's overlaid on top of Android KitKat and presented the widgets in the grid style of Flipboard.

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product preview
TrustedReviews Feb 26, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is not a tablet for everyone. Indeed, I have trouble believing it's a tablet for anyone given its screen issues, lack of stylus and relatively high £550 price. However, we'll look into its real-world uses in our full review.

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KesselRunner14 KesselRunner14

I got my tablet about a week ago and i love the size and feeling of the device. The screen is incredible and the tablet works very well when multi-tasking which is one of the main features that sold me on this device!

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Maumekim Maumekim

When I decided to upgrade my 1st gen Ipad I was going to buy another Ipad, but when I saw the crisp, bright screen I was drawn to the Tab pro 12.2. After using it for a week I love it! its fast, has a beautiful screen, is very responsive, rich colors, plays videos very nicely

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JeffreyH JeffreyH

I've had just about every tablet ever made...iPads, Nexus 7, etc. and this is by far the first one I have ever had that I can actually use as a laptop replacement to do everything I normally do on a day to day basis.

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Hacksbro14 Hacksbro14

i got this 10/19/2014 and it was so amazing. The size of it is great for video watching and for games. I would recommend this product to everyone. I give the product 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Stars. Hope you get this product. It is very good and helpful for work.

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