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TechCrunch Sep 2, 2014

Samsung’s audio quality likewise leaves something to be desired with the Level Over, but the trade-offs in terms of their complete compatibility with the Galaxy range and in-line controls might make that an exchange worth making.

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Pocket-Lint Aug 27, 2014

At £300 it's more game over than Level Over, as you'll be able to find better-built headphones with equal or better output from reputable brands such as Sennheiser, Sol Republic or plenty of others for far less money.

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Android Central Aug 17, 2014

To me, the Samsung Level Overs offer great full sound without any EQ fiddling. I love they way they sound when using them with my smartphone, and the full day battery life fits right in with a full-day of comfortable wearing.

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phoneArena Aug 9, 2014

Yeah, we agree that it’s a tough amount to shell out, but at the end of the day, it’s a quality pair that comes to the table packing serious heat. You won’t be disappointed!

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TechRadar Aug 4, 2014

The smart features are excellent and make these a tempting purchase, but if you're after the best-sounding headphones at this price point, these are not they.

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AVForums Jul 4, 2014

The wireless functionality worked well and was robust, whilst the noise cancelling feature was also effective, even if the over ear design cut out a lot of noise anyway. ... The sound quality was impressive with a well defined quality, very good detail retrieval and a nicely integrated bass.

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