November 13th 2010 10:52 pm

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Criteria Comments Rating
  • Reception and call quality No comments poor
  • Display No comments so-so
  • Battery life Battery drains completely within a day even when phone is only used a few minutes to make phone calls. Therefore, I always carry my charger around awful!
  • Camera No comments good
  • Ease of use No comments so-so
  • Design and form factor No comments good
  • Portability (size / weight) No comments great!
  • Media support No comments good
  • Durability No comments good
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) No comments great!
Detailed review
Overall, the phone is quite nice, it can run every app available to Android phones.
However, the battery life is so bad that I usually avoid using apps when I know I won't be anywhere near a wall outlet, only using the phone for phone calls, defeating the purpose of having a smart phone.
The reception and call quality is also a major problem, though I believe it has more to do with my phone company, rather than the phone itself.