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If you don't think 15-inches strains the definition of an ultrabook too much — and you're willing to spend $1,500 — the Samsung Series 9 may be for you. It boasts a sharp, big screen (this is a 15-inch laptop, of course), good battery life, and a usable keyboard and trackpad. Also included: WiDi, which lets you wirelessly display content from your computer on a compatible HDTV. While it lacks some of the features you'd find in a full-size 15-inch laptop (including standard HDMI and Ethernet ports, though both can be added via adapters), the trade-offs result in a computer that's just 0.58-in thick, and weighs just 3.5 pounds.

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Engadget Apr 9, 2012

The Series 9 dazzles with its performance and striking design, but a machine this pricey deserves a comfier keyboard and even nicer display.

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PC Mag Mar 30, 2012

This machine is just marvelously thin and light ... On the other hand, if your workload involves serious number-crunching or video encoding, you'll probably choose to carry a slimline laptop's one or two extra pounds rather than settle for what amounts to the performance of an ultrabook.

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CNET Mar 29, 2012

The Samsung Series 9 isn’t an official Ultrabook but with its wafer-thin chassis and fantastic build quality, it’s more desirable than any of its ultra-slim competitors.

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TechRadar Apr 9, 2012

The Samsung Series 9 900X3B is one of the best looking Windows laptops we've ever seen, and one of the most covetable, too. There are performance issues, arising from its waif-like size, but it's still more than capable of serving most people's needs, while offering head-turning style that few...

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Muad1b Muad1b

Quite simply the BEST piece of Tech I have ever owned. I am a double major in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and complete tech nerd. I go through 4 to 5 tech websites every day and make sure I am up to speed with the latest tech. I am not an incredibly rich guy so I don’t want/can’t...

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creativedevil creativedevil

Samsung has done a phenomenal job with a second-generation laptop which ushers in an thinner, lighter design. And truly, there's nothing quite like it, not even my Sony S series 13" laptop. Series 9 Laptop is thinner than most other Ultrabooks on the market. Though, it isn't necessarily a cheap...

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