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83 July 29th 2014 3:10 pm

With all the features manufacturers have been putting into 4K sets, like curved screens and large speakers, it can be easy to forget that the heart of 4K is the picture. The Samsung U8550 series delivers a solid 4K experience without all the bells and whistles that would jack up the price.

The U8550 might not curve like the more higher-end U9000, but Reviewed.com says "trim bezels and a very narrow panel lend this television a modern air." The user interface is also attractive and easy to use, with LCD TV Buying Guide noting that it hits "the mark with ... user interface and intuitive navigation" and "Samsung really pays attention to the details," calling it "one of the best options for a good smart TV experience."

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Reviewed.com Televisions Jun 4, 2014

So unless you absolutely need the highest performance pedigree, the HU8550 is a decent 4K option. ... You'd be hard-pressed to notice a major difference in normal lighting conditions, though—and you'll definitely notice an extra $1,000 in your wallet.

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LCD TV Buying Guide Jun 10, 2014

An important thing to note is the flat design keeps the price down. You still get some of the best picture quality from an LED TV, and it's 4K. We have also seen that the differences a curved screen has are very minimal when it comes to viewing angles.

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