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81 July 9th 2014 4:43 pm

The Samsung U9000 has a lot of the elements that make for a good TV -- a nice design, stunning image and strong media features -- but a curved screen is not one of them.

At first blush the U9000 is a real looker that CNET calls "drop-dead gorgeous," with the curve adding a "unique, futuristic look" and Reviewed.com says it "looks stellar in a spacious, well-lit place." You can even wall-mount the TV, though Gizmodo Australia says "the bend makes the edges stick out further than flat panels, but not as much as you would think."

But while the U9000's design may look good, what really matters is the quality of the screen, and Reviewed.com says it's a "a brilliant performer when it comes to color production" and HD Guru finds it "nothing short of outstanding." How much of that amazing image is due to the curve? Well, while Gizmodo Australia says the "curve and the depth enhancer both serve to drag you into the image," CNET says it "didn't have any major effect on the picture aside from reducing reflections somewhat" and that in fact, the curve introduced a "slight bowtie shape."

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CNET Jul 3, 2014

The Samsung HU9000 has straight-up great picture quality, design and features, but the gratuitous curved screen adds very little to the viewing experience and way too much to the price.

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HD Guru Jun 9, 2014

Picking a rating was a long and difficult decision, as it is early in the model year ... Could there be a better overall performing 4.5 out of 5UHD4K TV than this one? We don’t know yet, so we left a little room: HD Guru awards the Samsung UN65HU9000 4.5 out of 5 hearts.

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Gizmodo Australia May 7, 2014

I know that if I had the choice between a slight black depth increase and slightly more vibrant colours, against a larger panel with a better design better-sounding speakers and a resolution that will blow your eyes out of the back of your head ... I’d choose this Series 9 UHD every time.

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FlatPanelsHD May 12, 2014

After having reviewed two curved TVs, an OLED and this one, we are convinced that there is nothing to gain. ... In that way we also feel that Samsung is charging a hefty premium for a novelty that has no positive effect. You might as well save the money and buy Samsung’s flat Ultra HD TV instead.

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stone5000556 stone5000556

For anyone looking for a TV to last them 7-10 years and needs a new TV now I recommend the u9000. Despite not looking as good on 1080p as I would have liked it definitely maxes out any cable content, and looks very nice on streaming services like Netflix. The 4k picture on this TV is phenomenal,...

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