July 20th 2011 3:18 am

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  • Media support Supports almost all the major audio formats through the Sonos player (which can sync with a music folder on your computer). great!
  • Video quality No comments
  • Audio quality For my needs, the audio is great -- but it's sourcing a lot of audio from various streaming internet services, which isn't lossless quality. good
  • Ease of use The setup process is easy. Hit volume up + mute to pair the Sonos to any remote app (desktop, mobile, etc) and you're good. Software itself is rubbish though. so-so
  • Design and form factor This thing is pretty sleek and it's very nice to look at. We have it setting on a book shelf and I'd wager to say it makes the room look more sophisticated. great!
Detailed review
The Sonos Play:3 is a great device for anyone who loves to stream and listen to internet-based music services in their home. Previously, my routine was to come home, load up a random music service on my iPhone (hey, Rdio!), setup a playlist and then plug my phone into a speaker dock.

This was mostly fine, except when I needed to use my phone to make a call or respond to SMS messages. I needed something that provided a seamless experience.

Enter Sonos. To get started, we had to setup a Sonos Zonebridge (this plugs directly into your router via an ethernet port and allows any of your Sonos devices to receive audio wirelessly). The setup process is fairly simple once you download an app on your mobile device of choice or onto your computer. That said, the software can use a little bit of work, as it isn't the most intuitive thing to figure out how to play music, add music to a queue, or switch between various services.

I primarily use it to play music off of Rdio (either manually searching for bands and albums I like or using playlists I've created through their web app) and my girlfriend often uses it to play music from Pandora. To pause a song or change tracks involves one of us opening up the Sonos app on our iDevices and clicking.

- The Play:3 looks slick.
- Sounds pretty good!
- Apps available on about every device you can imagine (iPhones, Android, computers)

- Price is still a little steep. $300 for the speaker, plus $50 for the Zonebridge (if you go that route).
- No inputs (e.g., want to play something off a friend's iPod? Tough luck!).
- No AirPlay support (they've explained this isn't a route they want to go).