July 20th 2011 3:18 am

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  • Audio quality This speaker sounds fantastic and full, especially for it's size. It will fill a reasonable sized bedroom with excellent sound good
  • Design and form factor It is nice and compact, sits on an end table in a very unobtrusive way, can stand in two orientations, and is well built good
  • Durability Built like a brick sh* t house. If it falls on the floor, you should be more concerned about the floor then the speaker. :) great!
  • Portability Easy to carry a handle would be better good
Detailed review
I have three of these in my Sonos system. I love them, they are a nice entry point to Sonos. They fill a room with sound quite capably. You can set two of them up in a stereo pair and fill a larger room. If you are sold on Sonos, these speakers are a must for your system.