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The NEX-5N shoots great stills and videos, and will (sort of) fit in your pocket. If you're upgrading from a point-and-shoot, or want something a little lighter than your DSLR without skimping on quality, this is the one to get. Recent price drops mean the 5N is even more attractive as a great entry point into the world of interchangeable-lens compact cameras. However, those price drops coincide with the launch of the new NEX-5R, which adds WiFi, an improved autofocus system, and downloadable apps. The 5N remains a great camera -- and a great bargain -- but the 5R is now the one to beat, and a gdgt Must-have model.

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PC Mag Oct 20, 2011

The Sony Alpha NEX-5N delivers a lot of performance from its compact body, packing a sensor as large as those found in most digital SLRs and recording video in full 1080p HD.

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Digital Photography Review Sep 1, 2011

The 5N provides an addictive combination of familiar, hassle-free handling with truly excellent image quality which we think will appeal to a very broad base of users - not only those who want a 'compact' system camera.

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CNET Sep 15, 2011

An especially good option for people who want a relatively inexpensive ILC for shooting video, the Sony Alpha NEX-5N's photo quality's about the same as its cheaper sibling's.

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Imaging Resource Dec 5, 2011

Sony's thin and light NEX-5N has the same basic form as its predecessor, but sports a new 16.1-megapixel sensor that's capable of capturing up to 10 frames per second and Full HD video at 60p. A new touchscreen adds a few new functions, and the NEX-5N continues the line's excellent image quality.

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Pocket-Lint Nov 2, 2011

But for image obsessives looking for top quality, look no further: the NEX-5N outputs stunning shots. It’s a worthy step forward for the NEX system.

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Camera Labs Dec 1, 2011

By introducing a touch screen, enhancing Creative Control, extending Picture Effects and adding new HDR modes it's made the NEX-5 more consumer friendly. That's no easy feat to manage, but Sony has pulled it off and produced one of the most compelling mirrorless ILC models on the market.

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TrustedReviews Feb 17, 2012

Those looking for a small, portable and well-built CSC with the image quality benefits of an APS-C sensor will find the little NEX-5n ticks all the right boxes.

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TechRadar Nov 8, 2011

Yes, this is more than an entry-level digital SLR, but the NEX is going for a different market, and in that respect delivers most of what it sets out to do.

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Steve Huff Photo Sep 5, 2011

The bottom line is that Sony improved the 5 series and the 5n is an easy recommend as well as the best bang for the buck in the NEX line. At $699 with lens, I have to ask myself..” For the money does it get any better than this? The answer to that is NO!”

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whiskeymb whiskeymb

I was looking for something better than a point and shoot but cheaper than a full DSLR. I love this camera. I get lots of compliments on the quality of pictures it takes. It's small and very portable (I usually throw it in my carry on bag and even in a case it still fits without a problem, can't...

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