August 24th 2011 11:32 am

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  • Image quality When compared to my 1 year old high end Sony & Canon point & shoot, simply stunning great!
  • Video quality So far little experience, quality is good image stability is great in automatic mode, but very shaky to the point of unusable in manual (could be user error) great!
  • Battery life I have been using it non stop on a vacation in NY (3 days so far) and still 35% power left great!
  • Design and form factor Sony in renowned for their industrial design, this is one of their best great!
  • Durability So far so good, metal and plastic body, feels substantial but not to heavy, stock lens not as durable, but still good good
  • Speed (start-up time, lag) All I can say is "wow" so fast great!
  • Ease of use Lots of features, can be complex especially if coming from a point and shot. Lots to learn, but the basics are easy so-so
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As a novice the camera is complex, as a intermediate a great camera and a stepping stone to a DSLR, as a professional (some of my friends) it can be a little frustrating but still good. As a novice/intermediate I am loving it.

Anybody with lens recommendations (Prime, wide angle and zoom) please respond
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