August 24th 2011 11:32 am

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  • Image quality I've been nothing but thrilled with the image quality of this camera. Better than my Canon 20D and T1i. great!
  • Video quality Great 1080/60 video. I've heard some early buyers having a click sound in audio, but i don't. Suffers from rolling shutter like all photo cameras doing video. good
  • Battery life Battery is good for normal use. On vacation, the battery lasted multiple days, even though I took a lot of photos. good
  • Design and form factor The size and weight are really good. It feels good in hand. The hot shoe on top is quirky, and is limited on what can be used. good
  • Durability It's held up well so far, but if it dropped out of my hand onto a hard surface...I imagine that would not go well. good
  • Speed (start-up time, lag) Very pleased with how fast I can start shooting after turning the camera on. great!
  • Ease of use Generally easy to use, but there is a bit of a learning curve for the menu system. good
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I really like the NEX-5N. This has replaced my other DSLRs, and I am happy. Sony needs to add more lens options, and better flashes to make this even better.