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product preview
CNET Apr 16, 2014

Sony 4K TVs from 2013 lack the ability to stream Netflix since they don't have the built-in H.265/HEVC decoders found on newer sets, so owners of those sets could conceivably buy a FMP-X10 to fill in the hole.

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product preview
Pocket-Lint Apr 16, 2014

The Sony FMP-X10 replaces the FMP-X1 released last year and it gives users the ability to download, stream and store hundreds of films and TV shows from Sony's own Video Unlimited 4K service. It also offers access to Netflix, for 4K content streaming.

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dhcromer dhcromer

FMP-X10 preordered, arrived 7/18/14. No problems in install with XBR-55X850A, though curious that HDMI 4 input is used; perhaps that's the only 4K-capable port. Connected to wired Ethernet on Gbps local network, with Cox Internet showing 35.42Mbps down/18.95Mbps up. Needed...

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scarface3010 scarface3010

1. Media support- limited number of applications for streaming (Netflix only if you don't count the Video Unlimited Service). Video store contains a limited number of titles that seem to be Sony Specific franchises. Would like to see Playstation Now as an added feature down the road. When...

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