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The Sony HT-CT260 soundbar has an eye-catching design accompanied by an ear-pleasing sound. Gizmodo says the hexagonal design of the soundbar "will look sharp in a modern home, and could blend in anywhere." But the appeal of this soundbar isn't only in the design, as it's also capable of pumping out some decent sound, with CNET thinking it "sounded quite nice" and that "action movies had good impact." PC Mag had a similar experience, saying the subwoofer helps give "a nice sense of impact." While Gizmodo was impressed overall with the soundbar, they did find an issue with the subwoofer calling it "loose and boomy, but also punchy in a bad way."

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PC Mag Feb 28, 2013

The Sony HT-CT260 soundbar adds Bluetooth to an already highly capable and modestly-priced two-piece audio system.

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CNET May 7, 2013

The Sony HT-CT260 is our go-to budget sound bar pick, with excellent sound quality, built-in Bluetooth, an adaptable design, and no major missteps.

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Gizmodo Oct 25, 2012

You can tone down the aggressiveness of the sub, but it still can't mask the fact that it just isn't a very good component. It's a shame too, because this bar does so much else well.

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ruiza ruiza

This soundbar is an excellent buy for people who aren't much of an audiophile. The sound quality may not be the best out there but it still sounds awesome. The bass is thundering, the sound is very loud and has good clarity. The price is very affordable and overall a very good buy.

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agzul111 agzul111

While movies have a sound that extends beyond left and right, music is listenable with the bass punchy supplied by an easily palced wireless subwoofer. Mid range sounds warm and natural but the treble is too bright

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