November 8th 2011 1:31 pm

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KesselRunner14 KesselRunner14

Great for their price range and relatively comfortable. If you're looking for a step up from ear buds or crappy headphones I would definitely recommend these.

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scrod scrod

The Sony MDR-ZX100 are good headphones they are a good middle class headphones that have the right amount of sound equalization. If you do wear them for some time like myself yes your ears can get a little warm,but for me what matters is the sound quality. They do fit my head comfortably there...

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Omnicron25 Omnicron25

Well, these were the ones I got after my old MDR-V250s bit the big one, and while more consumer by the lack of the larger jack add on, they work just as well. I do believe they are a bit less clear than my old ones though, more flat. The specs agree with me too. They were also cheaper than my old...

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