October 7th 2010 12:59 am

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  • Picture quality I think the picture quality is great. This was my first flat screen TV. great!
  • Sound quality Once I hooked up an optical audio line to my stereo, it has been even more awesome to listen to. great!
  • Media support Using Plex I've been able to stream media via wireless and Ethernet. My one issue has more to do with Plex's support of M4V files. good
  • Other features (networking, etc.) Set-up was pretty easy. Networking works well. We rarely rent DVDs or Blu-ray discs. Mostly stream media. good
Detailed review
We purchased this TV as our first flat screen this past winter. It combined the TV and ability to access online information and media. Overall, it's been a great experience with a little bit of a learning curve. I wouldn't rate myself as a technology newbie, but I wouldn't say that I'm a hardcore geek. I know enough to be dangerous and that knowledge has come in handy with getting the most out of this TV. The one odd thing that leaves me scratching my head is that the TV needs to be off for something like 48 hours for it to download the TV guide information. It's an internet enabled device. This should not be necessary. Besides that, I don't have any other complaints.