June 6th 2011 8:49 pm


by timchoi89

PlayStation 3 3D Display Impressions
Today, Sony came over at the university I attend and showed off the PlayStation 3 3D Display. It's not going to be out until November but the Sony employees were confident that it'll be out before Black Friday considering that it's the biggest shopping day of the year.
I thought the 24" 3D monitor was actually pretty nice! It is really slim and the 3D effect is pretty good. The glasses were comfortable, light, and looked pretty nicely as well. I wasn't able to try out the special 2 player mode... Read more →

by h2oRip

I like the tech, i don't see the point
2 similar size LCDs can be had for the same price point, and you wouldn't have to wear the active glasses. It seems like a solution in search of a problem more than anything. Having said that, the technology is nice. I did notice recently a top gear show from 07 with a disparate viewing angled satnav screen that could show a movie to the person in the passenger seat (glasses free ofc).