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  • Picture quality It's great as a hookup for the PS3 but as a monitor for the computer, text looks like crap on it AND the screen is super glossy. so-so
  • Sound quality There's supposed to be a built in subwoofer in the TV but I can barely notice it and there's an annoyingly LOUD buzz coming from the speakers! awful!
  • Media support 2 HDMI ports and 1 component. If it had one more HDMI, I'd be satisfied. poor
  • Other features (networking, etc.) The 3D effect is nice but a gimmick at best. so-so
Detailed review
Since its announcement, I've been anticipating getting this monitor because I've always liked the idea of playing beautiful PS3 games in 3D (like Shadow of the Colossus). Once the monitor dropped in price to $300 from $500, I instantly sold my older monitor (gdgt.com­/asus­/vw246h/) for $100 so that I only had to pay $200 for this monitor.

I returned it within an hour.

First the glare was horrible. I know that Engadget and The Verge have pointed this out but I ignored their observation thinking that it wouldn't be as bad in our dark computer room. The glare is just made more apparent when the 3D glasses are put on since the glasses have a dimming effect making the screen harder to see. Also, viewing websites or reading documents with this is painful to the eyes since the text is rendered with lots of jaggies.

Another issue that I had with this monitor are the speakers. No matter what volume I set it on, I hear buzzing. It's very very annoying and pretty much drove me nuts.

Lastly, the bezel due to the speakers is huge, apparent, and annoying. I didn't notice this at the store because I was more focused on demoing 3D games with it. But once I set it up at home and used it "for real," the huge bezel was very hard to ignore.

It sucks that I had such high hopes for this monitor but was catastrophically disappointed. This purchase reminded me of the day I bought Chrystal Chronicles for the GameCube only to be disappointed when I realized that I had no one to play it with (#foreveralone).

Anyway, I wish I didn't sell my old monitor because now I'm monitor-less.