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by timchoi89

Can an imported Playstation Vita be localized for the US PSN store?
I'm going to Hong Kong in about a week and I'm thinking of getting a wifi PlayStation Vita there since it'll be released there before it comes out here in the US in Febuary. I'm concerned that if I buy the PSV there, I'll be stuck using the Asian PSN store and that I won't be able to use it with the US PSN store.

Does anyone know if I can change the settings for it to be localized for the US?

by nitehawk

How many will wait to buy Vita 2/Vita 2000/Vita XL/Vita Slim?
Sony and Apple are as notorious for great looking, well functioning, top of the line devices as they are for making vast improvements on those devices in the 2nd and 3rd iterations. Back in college, my roommate bought a PSP-1000 for $275, only to sell it a year later for something like $200. Obviously he loved being an early adopter, but ultimately had to sell the device because the novelty wore off and he eventually the iPod Touch caught his eye. I bought a PSP-3000 about a 1.5 years ago and... Read more →

by N3SSQwiK

If you've had the first PSP, how likely is it that you are going to purchase the Vita?
Personally, I'm a bit apprehensive about purchasing the Vita and this is based on my experience with the first PSP. I remember the day I bought the PSP (March 24, 2005). I couldn't wait to get out of school (10th grade) to go pick up my preorder at Gamestop. It was the first video game device that I saved my hard earned $249.99 plus tax to purchase along with a few other games. All was great at first, but then it would be weeks before a game worth noticing would come out. Those weeks then turned... Read more →

by timchoi89

Why did everyone give Sony so much crap about using the UMD?
Nintendo have their own proprietary (the cartridge) but no one ever seemed to cared, but when Sony announced the PSP and that they're going to use the UMD as the format for their games and videos everyone I know criticized Sony. So why did everyone hate on the UMD while people cared little for the cartridge that Nintendo used for the Game Boy and Nintendo DS line. Also, don't forget that Nintendo did create videos for Game Boy Advance stored in cartridges. Remember all those Nickelodeon videos...

by timchoi89

So with the Playstation Network down for over a week and with possibly tens of millions of credit card information stolen, I can't help but be very worried…
about my credit possibly being in jeopardy. I've already changed as many passwords as I can that shared the same one as my PSN account and I'm considering cancelling my the credit card that I used with PSN and reissuing another. However, there are two problems: 1. I forgot which credit card I used with PSN, and with PSN down, I cannot check which credit card is on file. 2. Sony still has yet to confirm if my credit card is truly in jeopardy. So because of those two issues, I've... Read more →

by Glacher

Downgrade 5.51firmware
I had giving my friend my PSP a few weeks ago when he went on holidays. He did just what i had told him not to and download the 5.51 firmware and deleted my custom firmware. Does anyone know of a downgrade tool for 5.51 original firmware.