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by wanerjob

Price Of Diorite Stone Crushing Plant
Stone crusher plant 250 tph for basalt for sale, price the zenith is the professional gold mining equipments manufacturer in the world, located in china,india, along. Mobile stone crushing plant price xsm is a famous stone crusher equipment manufacturerscrushing equipment / crushing plants and suppliers, impact crusher, jaw crusher, sand making machine, roll broken. Price of diorite stone crushing plant stone crusher price india is finally designed for crushing and pulverizing processes in india... Read more →

by FMarandola

Broken UMD's
Maybe i'm the only one that doesn't know about this, but i've broken many UMD's. The enclosure cracks and the little cd just falls out. Its terrible. I've thrown away a few games because of this. I found a fix for this though. If you go on amazon.com and search for psp umd cases, they have replacement enclosures for your discs. They're sturdier than the original ones and dirt cheap! I wish I would have known this sooner :'(

by bakaori

What would you like to see on PSP-2nd Generation?
Even though Sony's said in last year, PSP still have 10 years life-cycle; but let's assume this, PSP launched at 2005, which mean it will end at 2015? I'm sure that PSP2 will come early than that! Bill Gates's 2:10 rules apply to this as well!! In 2015, you maybe still able to see some people playing 2015, like now we see people still playing GBA; but most of them who hold the PSP at that time is dreaming of buying the PSP2. So, what would you like to see on PSP-2nd Generation?... Read more →

by dan325013

Help me hack my PSP?
I recently tried using my PSP because I hadn't used it in awhile and I realized that it wont even let me load my gmail account. All I wanted to do was quickly check my mail, and I didn't never knew it was such a complex process to do, so I thought it would be possible to do on my psp. Anyways, I quickly realized that I was not able to do so. I am now interested in hacking my PSP to open it up to homebrew. The fact that I can't even use the web browser built into the psp to check my... Read more →

by chipdeep

I was close to getting a PSP on release, my bro had one and I thought it was sweet. But I have always waiting for Gran Turismo. Anyone else thinking of getting a PSP mainly for this game? I am thinking of going for the PSP 'slim' rather than the PSP Go. Mainly due to button placement. Also, would GT look OK using video out on the TV?

by predmer

Are you experiencing a PSP revival?
My PSP sat unused for a looooooooong time on my handheld game system shelf, only to be recently dusted off. Now, I'm a PSP fanatic! Recent releases like Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Class of Heroes have me glued to it almost nightly. In addition, there are some other upcoming titles I'm really looking forward to, like "Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman" and the new Gran Turismo. Is anyone out there experiencing a similar revival? Maybe the PSP isn't totally dead yet!

by kohei0710

Ok.. I had the first generation psp and it's several button broke in 1 year.... I believe that it's because of SONY TIMER. left button and R button and Square button. And can you believe that sony customer's service tried to charge 150 bucks to my friend for just to fixing the button? Also my 2nd generation PSP's left button broke in 1 year... AWWWW someone has same experience or opinions?

by Koil

Is modding your PSP the best thing you've ever done with it or what?!
I didn't touch my PSP (Slim) for months. I was thinking, "what a total waste of money!" The games I had on it weren't even all that great (Silent Hill: Origins is about the only game I played and immensely enjoyed.). Then I started reading about PSP mods. Soon after, I'd ripped open my battery and sliced that one trace line there and I was all set up with my new Pandora's Battery! If you've modded your PSP, don't you agree that it was the best thing you've...

by cypherus

How many owners bought and use their PSP's for homebrew?
I specifically bought my PSP to hack and play homebrew emulators and the slew of other apps and software that you can load on it. I have not been that impressed with the games that have been put out for the PSP thus far and only own a couple that I don't even play. I'm curious to find out who specifically bought their PSP with hacking it in mind?

by JTastic42

PSP vs. PSP Go - Who's going to trade up?
I'm wondering if there are those out there who are planning on picking up the new Go when it hits. For me, I'm good with the 2000 I have now. I do enjoy the PSN Downloads and having games on a memory stick rather than having to carry several UMDs whenever I want to game on the go. The PSP Go doesn't seem to be a big enough difference for me to drop the cash on it, even if I can find a decent trade-in deal. Although, I did have the same argument in my mind when the DSi came out, and I...