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As of this writing Sony has sold over 1.2 million units and over 2 million Vita games. Those who think dedicated handheld gaming is dead, is dead wrong. Over all I love the Vita. It has an amazing screen, touch controls (if your into that sort of thing), dual analog sticks, WiFi, 3G (What I have), an accelerometer & 2 cameras, front and back. I think Sony wanted to make sure that they didn't miss anything.

All games that are cart based will also be downloaded off PSN for a little bit less. I don't think the discount for downloading the games is big enough, but its something. Its nice because this means there will be a used games market.

Ok I am not going to write a huge review so I am just going to go over the things I like and don't like about it.

Likes: Sturdy, great touch based UI, background music, PSN user perks only available on Vita like banners (for now, amazing super responsive touch screen, beautiful screen, dual analog sticks are SMALL and take some getting used to compared to SIXAXIS. Its VERY comfortable to hold for a long time. Great apeakers, super clean sound with headphones plugged in, accelerometer works very well. Love the little carts. What I feel is a no compromise console experience in a handheld but with portable features in mind, like being able to turn it off, or swipe it away and run a smaller software like the friends list. Right now you can't view your friends from within the game unless the game has it built in. But you can swipe to the desktop and get message and look at your friends list with the game backgrounded. Also great multi-player, but I have only played Wipeout and its awesome!

Dislikes: At the time of this writing the PSVITA does not play nice with 802.11N wireless networks. It works fine with G and B wireless networks though. I even returned my original 3G Launch Bundle to Bestbuy thinking I had a defective unit. 3G is also awesome, but it does not seem to have as good of an antenna as my friends AT&T cell phone. I am hoping they will come out with a fix soon. As mentioned before I think the tiny discount you get for downloading a game that is also available on cart is not enough. It should really be at least $10 off IMO. Also some games like Wipeout 2048 come with an online play voucher. If you buy the game used, you then have to buy another voucher and it costs $10. I understand why they do it, but I still dislike it.

Wants: Really excited about "apps" to the PSV. Things like a Youtube App, maybe even a video editor and youtube uploader like the PS3 has. (Well hopefully better) It can do any game that an Android or iPhone can do, and so much more as well. While I got my PSV to play real games with real controls, I would also like to be able to play touch based games like Tiny Tower and Angry Birds. I would also like to see the Near app that is used to see what other Vita owners nearby are playing, to be age restricted. I don't want to talk to kids, I want to talk to other adult gamers. Frankly I don't think parents want their kids using Near anyway. If you are a parent thinking about buying this thing for your kid make sure to leave Near disabled.

I guess that's about it. I could go on and on. Over all its a great system. If you are into portable gaming but not into touch only gaming, this is the system to get in my opinion. Thanks for reading. - K

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