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  • Game library Sony always offers great 1st party titles. 3rd parties port or introduce interesting spin-offs. PSOne Classics and PSP emulated offerings are great! great!
  • Graphics Not quite on par with the PS3, but incredibly beautiful graphics in major titles like Uncharted and Gravity Rush. great!
  • Battery life With wi-fi on and brightness less than max I am getting over 4 hours. Great to get you through a one way trip, needs a charge before the return though. good
  • Portability (size / weight) That beautiful 5 inch screen and thumbsticks jutting out comes with a tradeoff. You're not squeezing this in your pocket. But the thing feels incredible! so-so
  • Durability The look and feel of the console scream durability. I have no doubt that the Sony quality in their hardware will continue to exceed that of other competitors. great!
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Sony knows hardware. The handheld feels great, and I feel like I have large hands. The thumbsticks take a few minutes to adjust to, but work fine. Hardcore, console-esque titles work flawlessly, quick, simple titles are aided by real controls. The rear touch-pad keeps less precision based actions from clogging up the screen so you can see the action. The beautiful screen offers multi-touch and it's so much more intuitive to scroll through a menu with the touch screen than use the controls to move through screens.

Toss in the benefits of an incredible PSP library, PSOne Classics continuously being added, and the PS Plus downloads and the Vita offers something for everyone. The Cross Play program is fun and keeps the screen clear for multiplayer games like Playstation All Stars and Wipeout 2048.

The console is overpriced to be a major contender. Thankfully I picked up one of those $180 bundles Amazon had listed on Black Friday. A memory card is mandatory and incredibly over-priced. $80 for 32 GB is a tough pill to swallow.

For anyone looking for video game entertainment on the go, the Vita destroys my tablet experience hands down. Price though will prevent many people from experiencing this baby.