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  • Speed and features Near top of the line specs and a decently sized SSD. Can't get any better than this at the moment. great!
  • Design and form factor It's a tablet that transforms into a full laptop without the annoyance of a detachable keyboard or remote pairing issues. Definitely great in my books. great!
  • Battery life Apple iPad like battery from a Windows 8 laptop?!?! That's craaaaaazy!!! But that's how I felt using this! great!
  • Display It's only 4 simply because there are crazier screens out there at the moment. Who would have thought 1080p screens would get just 4/5 nowadays. good
  • Durability Even with this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_zsKsDmWAw) it's doesn't exactly inspire durability the same way a Thinkpad would. good
  • Expandability This is probably the biggest weakness of the unit. Close to impossible to upgrade the unit from a casual user perspective. When you buy it, you better like it. awful!
  • Noise Only gets 4 because it only deserves a 5 if I never hear the fan. But the price of a full Windows 8 laptop is that you will hear the fan. Not loud though. :) good
  • Portability (size / weight) It's as light and slim as one can expect a full size 13.3" tablet can be. To carry one is to believe. :) great!
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This is the perfect laptop/tablet for the right kind of market. I wanted a touch enabled laptop that worked like a tablet. The Lenovo Yoga just didn't feel right for me while my experience with the Asus Transformer series of tablets made me hate carrying portable keyboard around.

The only thing really painfully missing from this is more decent Windows 8 METRO style applications that take advantage of the touch screen.