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One day (soon, according to GM) it won't be weird to get in a car, go for a drive and see the driver take their hands off of the wheel while the car continues on self-guided. That day isn't today though, so while I've already had demos of \"autonomous driving,\" hopping in this Acura TLX for a quick

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September 8, 2014 at 4:41PM
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Honda's got a lot riding on the upcoming 2015 NSX hybrid (which will be sold in the US as an Acura). When it launched in 1990, the iconic first generation NSX took the sports car market by storm with an impressive (and affordable) combination of performance, comfort, design and build quality. Prod

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If you've been wondering how your Honda or Acura just seems to cover ground an awful lot quicker than your previous ride without even getting you a speeding ticket, listen up. Apparently, around six million Honda / Acura owners have been wheeling around in vehicles that are clicking off miles quite

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