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You wouldn't expect an e-reader to be very customizable, but they've provided a rich seam of fodder for enterprising hackers. The latest to be broken is Kobo's Glo, which has has been tweaked to run a full version of Android by a user on MobileRead's forums. It was relatively easy, as the Glo shar...

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November 4, 2013 at 1:02PM
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Earlier today we had a nice sit-down with Kobo, where we got some quality hands-on time with the company's Arc Android tablet. As you can imagine, that was the marquee product on display, but we also had the chance to handle the outfit's newest e-readers: the Glo ComfortLight, which has built-in f...

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If you've weighed both sides and finally (albeit begrudgingly) handed over your $800 or so for TiVo's Series3 box, what's another $50 get the same remote again with a flashy outfit? Apparently TiVo thinks it's just a drop in the bucket, as the company is now selling a "premium remote" that bears r...

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