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Better late than never, right? At long last, after months of only mining and voxel magic (and then an overnight delay), I have finally partaken of the Landmark combat fruit. And oh, how sweet it is! Of course the system was just barely implemented and is in only its first iteration, but that doesn'...

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August 28, 2014 at 5:30PM
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One of the big problems with using metal detectors to find unexploded landmines is that they detect all pieces of metal in the ground, often forcing operators to inspect every suspect item they find. This can be very dangerous, so researchers at Harvard have figured out how to use smartphones t...

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It looks like professor Noel Sharkey isn't the only one stirred up about autonomous killing machines. An anti-landmine group in London called Landmine Action is now calling for the ban of robots capable of killing people all on their lonsome. The group believes these bots fall under the same categ...

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