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The lithium ion batteries in your mobile devices are inherently limited by the \"ion\" part of their name; they can safely use lithium only in the part of the cell that supplies ions, wasting a lot of potential energy. It's good news, then, that researchers at Stanford have developed a new lithium b

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July 27, 2014 at 7:52PM
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While some researchers are focused on making batteries that are both safer and longer-lasting, it seems like the folks at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (or KAERI) are simply concerned with making 'em really, really safe. To that end, they've now announced that they've managed to develop

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Panasonic has bumped up the power of its Oxyride batteries, claiming the new version is 120% more efficient than the original model. And to prove it, Panny has decided to launch an airplane powered by 100 AA Oxyride batteries (you might recall that the original Oxyride was heralded by a battery-pow

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