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It's no secret that some musicians aren't the biggest fans of Spotify -- or, in general, any music streaming service. Still, there's also no denying that Spotify is often trying to find ways to put more money in artists' pockets. Today, in partnership with BandPage, a startup which allows musician...

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August 13, 2014 at 12:03PM
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It may not be the first go-round for the Karmetik Machine Orchestra, but the automated musicians, fashioned by a group of students at the California Institute of the Arts, took the stage last night to prove that robots can rock. Among the mechanized musicians scheduled to perform at the Walt Disn...

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Sure, the RIAA hasn't exactly been on the good side of the general public since, oh, this century began, but it sure isn't doing itself any favors with this latest hint of persuasion. While the agency has fought grandmothers, children, and cash-strapped citizens quite vigorously to "ensure artists a...

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