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The US may never have used its microwave pain gun in combat, but that isn't stopping China from exploring the concept of non-lethal force. Local manufacturer Poly has unveiled the WB-1, a millimeter-wave weapon that heats the water under your skin (much like the US' Active Denial System) to delive...

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December 9, 2014 at 7:59PM
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The fine folks at MMO Champion have a small preview of the new talent calculators and, even more interesting, how the Inscription ability will work to change our abilities with glyphs. The majority of the new glyphs previewed so far seem to be for druids as of this posting (but who knows what the ...

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Several classes are having talents changed in 2.1, but apparently no-one's going to be getting free respecs. From Drysc to you: Free respecs are only given in cases where talent positions actually move and would break a build, and not in cases where talents are simply altered as far as the benefit t...

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