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The early '90s were a simpler time: Mullets were acceptable, everyone was wearing Zubaz pants and rocking your dad's flannel didn't make you a hipster. In an effort to bring us back to the era when grunge ruled the earth, the folks at formerly-defunct 3D Realms has bundled 32 of its classic games ...

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October 23, 2014 at 8:57PM
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Back in October of 2010, we told you about iDOS, a 99¢ software emulation of good old DOS. The universal app was able to even run an ancient version of Microsoft Windows (3.0), and came with a handful of "freeware / abandonware" applications like Ms. PacMan PC and DigDug. Unfortunately, the ap...

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While some of you meanies nominated Sega's 32X (or Genesis 32X for the North Americans) as the worst gadget flop of all time, we know there's still a dedicated following out there somewhere who will be completely elated to hear of this. The tremendously skillful JLF65 has delivered homebrew to one ...

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