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There are little HTPCs that hum indiscreetly amidst your home theater equipment, and then are there behemoth multimedia PCs that gobble down all the HD content you can shove at them while playing Crysis at 80fps and folding proteins in the background. Medion's Akoya P7700 D looks to fall somewhere ...

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May 28, 2009 at 8:06AM
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Here's a peculiar one. Medion's Akoya Mini -- you know, just one of the legions of low-cost laptops you've barely heard of -- is finally on sale after being showcased at Computex. But it's not the mere fact of being on sale that's intriguing; for whatever reason, Medion has decided to offer the un...

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With the ever-dropping prices in the big screen television realm, it's not too surprising to hear of more and more companies dropping their ticket in the hat hoping to snag business from bargain hunters. While the success story of Vizio could be hard to replicate, an unconfirmed report from TechDige...

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