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Today might be all about the next chapter in Windows, but there's something for the hardware-heads, too. Specifically the Surface Hub -- which joins Surface tablets, and Lumia smartphones on Redmond's roster of gear offerings. This beast is basically a large all-in-one PC (slash smart display) tha...

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January 21, 2015 at 1:33PM
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If you've felt that the iMac's baseline $1,299 price was too high, you're in luck... to a degree. Apple has unveiled a new 21-inch iMac that lowers the cost of entry to a more palatable $1,099 (£899 in the UK). As you'd expect, though, there are a few catches involved in saving that much cas...

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Granted, tablets are getting up there in size, but even after a couple of Android all-in-ones (including, in fact, one from Acer early this year), we're still not fully used to playing Angry Birds on a glossy 24-inch display. We're sure we'll get a better handle on it, but these things take time. ...

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