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Development on the UCSD's Diego-san has been underway for several years and now the robot child is read for his first home movie. The bot is being constructed to better understand the cognitive development of children, with a camera behind each eye recording (and learning from) human interactions

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January 9, 2013 at 11:54AM
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It's taken a year to get the sinister ticks and motions of Osaka University's Affetto baby head out of our nightmares -- and now it's grown a torso. Walking that still-precarious line between robots and humans, the animated robot baby now has a pair of arms to call its own. The prototype upper bod

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The iCub robot was already doing pretty well for itself in the creepiness department, but a group of researchers from the University of Plymouth are now working to take things one big step further, by teaching the so-called \"baby robot\" to talk (as opposed to teaching it baby talk). That will suppos

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