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While most of the internet was busy oogling the Fallout 4 trailer, Apple delivered some bad news to owners of Dr. Dre's super-sized speaker. The company is recalling the Beats Pill XL, citing the wireless speaker's battery tendency to overheat in rare cases and creating the risk of a fire. In the ...

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June 3, 2015 at 10:18AM
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While some people like to listen to their favorite music on a quality sound system with a set of high-end speakers or headphones, most people are just fine listening from a cheap headset or the built-in speakers on their phones. But what if you're somewhere in the middle, and want your music to be p...

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Since no-one's brave enough to ask which University gave Dr. Dre his PhD, he's continuing to prescribe pills at his whim. The latest to emerge from his cabinet is the Beats Pill XL, which we've just spotted being tested for sale at the FCC. The Bluetooth speaker comes with NFC pairing and a 4,400m...

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