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Mice with amnesia were able to recover training memories with assistance from blue light, in research that suggests that memories lost in brain trauma could still exist (and perhaps even be recalled) from the human brain. It marks the first time scientists were able to suppress a memory and then...

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May 29, 2015 at 8:44AM
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Scientists have long surmised that inorganic life is possible. New York University hasn't created any at this stage, but it just produced an uncannily close imitation through a recent experiment. When exposing hematite particles (iron and oxygen in a polymer) to specific wavelengths of blue light,...

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The most obvious feature of PEGA's Blue Light Stand is the blue light, which is for the Wii owner who, maybe, hasn't gotten enough attention for the fact that they own a Wii. Or, alternately, for people who frequently trip over their systems in the dark. However, the classy, functional blue light i...

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