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Rarely do you hear of new chips sneaking out of Intel, Escape from Alcatraz-style. But that's (figuratively) happened today, with a quartet of processors appearing with little fanfare from Chipzilla. Two of these you might recognize as members of the delayed Cedar Trail series, the D2500 and D2700. ...

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October 4, 2011 at 9:01AM
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We've yet to get more than a whiff of Intel's Oak Trail chips, but the Cedar Trail CPUs are nearly here -- in fact, it's looking like Chipzilla intends to introduce its latest Atom processor at IDF Bejing this year. UMPC Portal noticed that Intel's got a session titled "Designing a New Generation of...

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We know you aren't publicly keeping count, but considering that you're carefully watching process technology numbers in the depths of your mom's basement, we felt it prudent to pass along the latest juicy nugget from the folks at Fudzilla. According to raisins in their grapevine, Intel is gunning fo...

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