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Jesse's "career" as a journeyman writer, has seen him has contributed to in-flight magazines, magazines with pretty ladies on the cover, and quarterlies on the history of chemistry. When not writing or tinkering, he is probably thinking about writing or tinkering.


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Primed goes in-depth on the technobabble you hear on Engadget every day -- we dig deep into each topic's history and how it benefits our lives. You can follow the series here. Looking to suggest a pie...

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It's no secret that the market for Android tablets is crowded – and getting more so every day. Just ask Samsung, Acer, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, Pandigital and, oh yes, Verticool. We could kee...

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Welcome to Growing Up Geek, an ongoing feature where we take a look back at our youth and tell stories of growing up to be the nerds that we are. Today we have our very own Contributing Editor, Jesse...

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