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We've all been there -- we needed another character slot. Or maybe we were just bored with the class. Deleting a character is one of those final decisions that occasionally leads to regret. While characters can sometimes be restored, it usually takes a ticket or a phone call to Blizzard to get the...

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April 6, 2014 at 4:00PM
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We talked earlier this week about APB Reloaded's impending open beta date. Thrown into the mix was a mention of character restoration services for those veterans of the original (i.e., Realtime Worlds) version of the game. Today we're happy to report that the service is live in Reloaded's closed ...

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Please see the update to this original post. In a stunning revelation from a veteran account administrator at Blizzard, has learned that account administrators are being encouraged by Blizzard managers not to restore people's characters and items after their account has been ransacked by...

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