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Keurig's coffee machines have done great business for its owner Green Mountain Coffee. Making coffee in combination with pretty expensive capsules has made a lot of money for the company, but its latest 2.0 machines have left (excuse me) a bitter taste in the mouths of customers, as Keurig has see...

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February 6, 2015 at 6:06AM
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Sure, you can get connected coffee makers, but they tend to brew whole pots (or multiple cups). What if you just want a hot cup o' joe when you get home? That's where Smarter's new WiFi Coffee Machine comes into play. The device lets you remotely brew individual cups through an Android or iOS app,...

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A robot barista-filled future may still be a long ways off, but it looks like you may just be answering to a machine of another sort for your coffee sooner than you think -- at least if Douwe Egberts has its way. While it's still a concept, the company's so-called BeMoved coffee machine promises to...

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