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Marco Tempest calls himself a "technoillusionist" -- he combines magic tricks with the technological artistry (and occasionally the black-turtlenecked panache) of Steve Jobs. We last saw him hacking through an augmented reality illusion; this time he's using three iPods to enable his tricker...

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June 12, 2011 at 8:44PM
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According to a state judge in Albany, New York, Dell and its financing arm "engaged in deceptive business practices related to financing promotions for its computers and technical support." The decision, which was just released yesterday, contained quotes from NY State Supreme Court Justice Joseph C...

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Have you been caught in a bind recently and you just couldn't come up with a quick lie? Sprint customers may rest easy as there is a new mobile application to do just that. It's called MobileFaker and there gives you the option to create pick-up lines, the ability to simulate an incoming call (think...

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