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When not busy revolutionizing biometric door access, it turns out that Fujitsu dabbles in computers. Crazy, huh? Its come to our attention that the company has just dropped the bomb on upgrades to a generous portion of its product line, including Blu-ray drives, storage and RAM upgrades for its al...

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April 21, 2009 at 10:35AM
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Fujitsu pumped out three new DeskPower LX-series machines today, and they're slightly less ugly than the visually criminal EK30T. Apart from having been designed by someone with eyes, the new machines feature built-in 19- or 22-inch displays, 2.2GHz E4500 Core 2 Duos, digital and analog TV tuners,...

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You feeling that all-in-one up there from Fujitsu? No, us neither. In fact, the FMV-Deskpower EK30T is such a blaspheme of the minimalistic concept that we have to look away from the screen to even type this. Only, punching in the specs doesn't make us feel any better: 1.46GHz Celeron M410, 17-inc...

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