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The other day I was perusing my digital photo albums to look for pictures for Mother's Day. It was then that I spotted unboxing photos from my current desktop computer, and I realized that I had purchased this sometime between the births of my first and second kids. That put the computer's age in t...

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May 17, 2014 at 8:00AM
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New year, new rig. Yup, you got it folks. I had the lucky chance to start the new year in Aion with a spiffylicious new gaming computer. As a disclaimer, it is very possible to play and enjoy Aion on lower-end machines; I know, because I have friends who play on laptops (although most do not p...

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We came across an interesting post at the Twenty Sided blog, titled "PC Games Retirement Home", in which Shamus Young commented on his lack of the need to purchase a new PC in recent times. Although he is certainly a gamer, the next PC games that he is looking forward to won't roll around for quite ...

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