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Despite the breaking news of Atari's divesting of Cryptic Studios, it is business as usual for the superhero MMO Champions Online. In fact, the studio has just launched its newest adventure pack, Resistance. According to Resistance lore, the inventor James Harmon unveiled his latest invention:...

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May 17, 2011 at 5:00PM
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If ye be lookin' for a brightly-colored adventure to set sail on, then listen up! IGG's new title Tales of Pirates II is set to launch into closed beta tonight, and they're looking for more players to jump in and get to adventurin'! While it is technically a closed beta, they've opened it up so tha...

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European servers, prepare for war! Runes of Magic is digging deep into MMO playbook history, and they've chosen to pull out a classic move -- the GM controlled event. The mysterious Zurhidon have reappeared in Taborea, and it's up to the players to repel their attacks! Each week, starting tomorrow...

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