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Never mind waiting until after the fact to find out what people are searching for online -- Google wants you to know what's hot right fricking now. The internet giant has introduced real-time tracking to Google Trends, so you can follow a search frenzy as it happens. If you want to know which bask...

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June 17, 2015 at 6:14PM
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The flying toasters and infinite space your sleeping computer's been living with are being retired. No, After Dark isn't being resurrected and, well, does Windows even come with a screen saver built-in anymore? It's Google, and specifically the Trends section of Google, that's leading the bleeding...

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Althras on the Suramar (US) realm tipped us to the power that WoW players have over the internet as a whole. It appears that we are affecting the Google Trends data, particularly while the servers have been down. Of the top ten most researched terms on the search engine, WoW related items occupy fou...

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